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S.C. Alaval Prod Com S.R.L.

Head Office: Dumbravita nr.30, jud. Maramures
Tel/fax: +40-262-211.050
Mobile: 0744-568.630
Fiscal Code: R7174810
Registration Number: J24/257/1995




The electric boiler maintains high confort in the apartment, house, office and other places. Its nice aspect and small dimensions allow you to put it anywhere. Its high level of automation and efficiency provide stability and optimum consumption of energy.

We have sold more than 500 electric heating stations to clients from all over the country:

- Maramures county:

  • Baia Mare

  • Sighetu Marmatiei

  • Viseu

  • Borsa

  • - Satu Mare county:
  • Satu Mare

  • Negresti

  • -Bucharest
    -jud. Tulcea
    -jud. Constanta
    -jud. Harghita
    -jud. Suceava
    -jud. Bacau
    -jud. Hunedoara

    We have performed works at the following companies:

    • ItalSofa
    • Roes Intercity
    • DSV Braila
    • Eurom bank Negresti
    • DSV Tulcea .
    • Petrom Buzau
    • Vama Buzau
    • Muzeul de Istorie – Nicolae Iorga
    • Insemex Petrosani
    • Allianz Tiriac – Negresti
    • Electrica S.A. - Sighet


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